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Healthy Cooking Classes in San Francisco

Plentiful Kitchen offers healthy cooking classes in San Francisco and the Bay Area. No experience is required. Even if you’ve “burned water” and your culinary creations are frequently seasoned with tears, Plentiful Kitchen can help you. Through sessions with private chef Inbal Fershtat, you will gain confidence in your abilities and finally fall in love with preparing tasty, healthy meals in your own kitchen.

Whether you are planning a one-on-one or couples’ session, you will find cooking with Inbal to be stress-free and fun-filled. Inbal will help you understand how spices, herbs, aromatics, and textures work together to create incredible dishes.

Learning to prepare healthy, delicious meals is a skill that will last you a lifetime — and one you can share with your friends and family. Additional benefits of cooking classes include:

• Confidence in the kitchen.
• Ability to try new ideas — and succeed!
• Prepare meals for guests without the stress.
• Cook as efficiently as a master chef.
• Sharpen your kitchen knife skills.
• Rely more on your knowledge and less on cookbooks.
• Knowledge of how spices, herbs, aromatics, umami, and flavoring work together.

Are you ready to finally have fun in the kitchen and enjoy the results? Contact Inbal Fershtat of Plentiful Kitchen and unlock your inner chef, today!

Who Benefits from One-on-One and Couples Cooking Classes?

Just about everyone can benefit taking part in cooking classes. Even those who feel confident in their abilities can learn some new tricks of the trade and expand their cooking horizons. Individuals, couples, and those looking to prepare meals for those with special dietary considerations can all benefit from cooking classes.

Plentiful Kitchen offers cooking classes for both individuals and couples.

Individuals. One-on-one cooking classes are perfect for cooks who are getting started and are not sure whether to begin. But, these classes are also beneficial to advanced cooks wanting to become true masters of the kitchen.

Couples. For couples, taking a cooking class together is often a great way to bond, have fun, and learn some new skills along the way. Partners also form a mutual respect for each other’s culinary creations.

Cooking for Special Dietary Considerations

Preparing a meal for someone with special dietary considerations often feels like a process of subtracting or substituting certain ingredients. Inbal Fershtat can show you how to prepare delicious meals for individuals with certain health conditions or dietary challenges. These include preparing:

• Gluten-free meals
• Vegetarian and vegan meals
• GAPS diet
• Paleo diet
• Keto
• Dairy-free
• Elimination diet
• …and others

What to Expect

First off, expect to have fun. The classes will focus on exactly what you want to learn and achieve in the kitchen. Each class is roughly three hours in length and you will prepare two to four meals. This means you will get to enjoy some great-tasting foods as you go and you will also have some tasty leftovers to enjoy throughout the week.

How Much Does it Cost?

For each session, the costs is $130 per person and the cost of food and ingredients.

How Do I Get Started?

Before your first class, Inbal will get to know your goals, abilities, and what types of foods you enjoy. To get started, simply contact Plentiful Kitchen! Cooking classes are available in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area.